Fast Bail Bonds & Live Scan Fingerprinting in West Covina, California

Sleep soundly tonight when you take advantage of our fast bail bonds and live scan fingerprinting services in West Covina, California. You can post bail quickly and easily with our experienced and personable bail bondsman.

Phone, Live Scan Fingerprinting in West Covina, CA

Fingerprints, Live Scan Fingerprinting in West Covina, CA

Fast Bail Bonds
No bail is too big or too small when it means reuniting you with your family. We help with financing if it becomes necessary so that your family doesn't have to undergo additional stress. Our goal is to release you from jail so you don't have to wait in a cell until your court date. Some of the benefits of our bail bond services include:

• Free Consultations
• Affordable Deposits
• Immediate Release
• Friendly Local Agents
• Collateral Not Always Required

Live Scan Fingerprinting Services
Enriquez Gil Bail Bonds Agency provides fingerprinting when a state agency requires the service. We are licensed by the state and offer this service during regular office hours. There is a $20 fee, but additional state fees may apply. Call us at (626) 330-6616 to set an appointment at our bail bonds business.

Contact us to request a quote for bail bonds when you've had a run-in with the law.